Heritage Trails from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
Heritage Tours from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
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June 24 - St. John. Fire Beacons all over Slovenia, heralding the beginning of summer
End of December Christmas and New Year events all over Slovenia
TURJAK End of June Mediaeval Days: archery, fencing, horsemanship competitions; javelin throwing; mediaeval feasts
December/January Christmas crib presentation
CERKNO February/March Shrove Carnival, "Pust", with traditional figures ("laufarji") - death of old year, heralds spring; ancient carnival revived since 1948
March festival of traditional skiing
IDRIJA End of August Lace Festival & lace-making competition, exhibition of Lace School and a visiting exhibition from abroad
OSILNICA Last Saturday in June St. Peter's Day, "Petruvo", cultural programme, local arts & crafts, party
KOSTEL July 25 St. Jacob's Day, "Jakovje", in Banja Loka
August 15 Assumption Day; great mass in Fara followed by representation of local crafts, customs, costumes, food & drink; folklore performances
KOČEVJE February/March Shrove Carnival
Summer horse races
Grad SNEŽNIK Last Saturday in September dormouse hunting competition & festival
RIBNICA February/March Shrove Carnival with traditional masks on Shrove Saturday
First Sunday in September street fair of wooden products & pottery
December Festival of St. Nicholas, Christmas crib presentation
NOVA ŠTIFTA August 15 Assumption Day; one of the largest pilgrimage events
CERKNICA February/March Traditional Mask Carnival on Shrove Sunday
Beginning of June Valvasor procession
LOGATEC June presentation of traditional crafts in front of the well at Cevica
June festival of brass bands
December St. Nicholas fair
BLOKE Third Sunday in January traditional skiing
Second Sunday in August competition in farming skills
DOBREPOLJE June/July festival of bands