Heritage Trails from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
Heritage Tours from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
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The bounty of forest and field provides the very freshest of ingredients from which local seasonal delicacies are made. Excellent wild game, as well as meat from the farms, is prepared in any number of ways. In the Cerkno area, try the excellent salami ("Šebreljski želodec"), cooks of the Idrija region make a delicious goulash ("bakalca"), and in winter there are regional variations of home-made pork sausage ("koline"). Soups include mushroom, potato, pork and bean. Religious and cultural festivals provide an excuse for special dishes such as "štula" for Dobrepolje's "Pust" Carnival, "aleluja" at Easter, and "ocvirkovca" in the Cerkno area. Breads, cakes and pastries can accompany anything from a good cup of coffee to a full meal. Bread baked with pieces of ham ("kostelski želodec") is a speciality of the Kostel area, and "nadevanje" in Osilnica, and there are numerous variations of sweet "potica". Other tasty local dishes include stuffed pasta served with different sauces ("idrijski žlikrofi"), and a strudel of potatoes ("takl") around Loški Potok. Plentiful orchards, with colourful beehives, provide honey and the ingredients for delicious jams and desserts, as well as for schnapps, while in Idrija a traditional miners' beverage is the absinthe "geruš".