Heritage Trails from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
Heritage Tours from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
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Major heritage sites

1. Cerkno, Zakriž, Zakojca, Ravne
2. Partisan military hospital Franja
3. Gewerkenegg Castle
4. Mercury-mine in Idrija
5. Ledine
6. Laze, Jakovica, Hotedršica
7. Logatec, Church of the Three Kings
8. Slivnica, Cerknica Lake, Rakov Škocjan
9. Snežnik Castle, Križna jama
10. Bloke
11. Retje, Hrib- Loški potok
12. Nova Štifta
13. Primož Trubar, Rašica
14. Turjak Castle
15. Dobrepolje
16. Ribnica, Maršiči
17. Woodland around Kočevje
18. Kočevje, Šeško House
19. Kostel Castle
20. Seven Churches in the Valley of Peter Klepec

Getting there
The Heritage Trail is accessible by road from Ljubljana through [kofja Loka or Cerknica; from Trieste and from Zagreb through Kostel. It is an easy area to explore in a fly-drive holiday, or by driving in from Italy, Austria or Croatia.

Travelling around
The principle towns and villages of the Heritage Trail are served by rural bus services. There are excellent European and local walking trails (see map for details). The network of well-signed, good tarred roads and gravel forest tracks are suitable for cars and bicycles.

Where to stay
The Heritage Trail Management Association has produced a detailed list of accommodation available throughout the entire area. Warm hospitality is offered in forest lodges and farm stays, bed & breakfasts, a wide range of attractive "gostilnas" (inns) and hotels.