Heritage Trails through Dolenjska and Bela krajina in Slovenia
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Heritage Tours through Dolenjska and Bela krajina
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Public transport and where to stay

Public transport
  • international airport Brnik (04/202-27-00) and
  • railway station at Ljubljana (01/231-67-68, 431-51-67)
  • main line rail services between Ljubljana and Zagreb to the main towns and villages,
  • intercity and village bus services by local bus companies, Gorjanci (in Novo mesto 07/332-11-23) and Integral (in Črnomelj 07/305-26-79)
Where to stay

Your will find a range of places to stay including

  • good hotels at the Spas and Novo mesto,
  • restaurants, "gostilnas", with rooms for guests,
  • questhouses in villages with comfortable, modest rooms,
  • it is wise to book ahead, the Tourist Office in Novo mesto will provide an accommodation list and help plan your journey;