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Dolenjska is famous for 2 medicinal spas, both long-established and now run by the pharmaceutical company KRKA. Dolenjska Toplice (15a) south west of Novo Mesto, was founded in 1658 by the noble family Auersperg. Thermal springs rise from a great depth at 36°C, and the spa specialises in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. ©marječke Toplice, north east of Novo Mesto, lies in an attractive wooded setting, where 200 years ago local people started bathing in 3 natural pools fed by spring water at 32°C. Today's spa treats cardiovascular diseases.

Both spas have good quality hotels and residents and day visitors can swim in their indoor and outdoor pools, and enjoy parks, picnic areas, sports facilities, cycle hire and cafes and restaurants.


For information on both spas, contact

TERME KRKA, d.o.o., Novo mesto
Ljubljanska cesta 26,
8501 Novo mesto
Tel.: +386 7/ 373 19 15
Fax: +386 7/ 373 19 25
E-mail: marketing@terme-krka.si

TERME KRKA, d.o.o., Novo mesto
Terme Dolenjske Toplice
Tel.: +386 7/ 39 19 441
Fax: +386 7/ 30 65 662
E-mail: booking.dolenjske@terme-krka.si

TERME KRKA, d.o.o., Novo mesto
Terme ©marječke Toplice
Tel.: +386 7 38 43 400
Fax: +386 7/ 30 73 107
E-mail: booking.smarjeske@terme-krka.si