Heritage Trails through Dolenjska and Bela krajina in Slovenia
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Heritage Tours through Dolenjska and Bela krajina
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White limestone and green woods

a landscape of mountain, river and forest

This is mainly a Karst landscape of porous limestone with folded hills and valleys. Rivers appear from caves and disappear down swallow holes. Extensive woodlands make the hills green and shelter deer, fox, badger and many birds. You will see lime, walnut and fruit trees in villages; willows and poplars alongside streams, and the distinctive silver birches of Bela krajina.

The Kočevski Rog and Gorjanci ranges

The Kočevski Rog and Gorjanci ranges, rising to 1099m, is covered with mixed forest, which is home to brown bear, lynx, deer, wild boar and ravens which you may see on quiet forest walks. At Podturn, (see map - B) there is a forest trail Ro`ek with leaflet guide. Minor roads and tracks lead into the Gorjanci hills and the E7 Trail and Trdinova pot (path) follow the ridge.

The Krka and Kolpa River Valleys

The River Krka flows from its source at Krka cave, across Dolenjska for over 100 km to the Sava river. Teaming with fish, it runs clear and swift in a deep-cut valley, then below Novo mesto, becomes wider and more placid. It once provided power for over 70 flour and saw mills, and for smithies and iron foundries.

The River Kolpa divides Slovenia from Croatia. The Heritage Trail follows the river through Bela krajina from a wooded gorge below the heights of Stari trg at Kolpa. From Vinica Castle (see map - C) there is a commanding view of the valley and the Croatian hills beyond. There are many places on both rivers where you can walk and swim, go fishing, canoeing and boating.