Heritage Trails from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
Heritage Tours from the Idrijca to the Kolpa
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Logatec - Ledine - Ravne - Zakojca - Zakriž - Cerkno

From places where the former wagoners passed through countless times to hamlets whose life inspired the famous Slovene storyteller France Bevk leads a path of memories of the time of the Austrian Empire, of experiences of elsewhere forgotten flax seeds, of panoramas and local delicacies

We turn off the Ljubljana-Koper expressway and follow the signs to Logatec. Along the road on the northern edge of the Logatec polje run "Napoleon's Lindens," the longest avenue of linden trees in Slovenia stretching for almost two kilometers. In Logatec itself, a Renaissance manor built around 1600 reminds us of the Logatec nobility, and other imposing buildings take us back to the period of the wagon trade. Among them is the especially attractive Pri Ipavcu gostilna where the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph (1848-1916) once slept. We can also visit the War Museum (1).
From Logatec, our route leads past Petkovec and Rovte to Vrh sv. Treh Kraljev ("Peak of the Three Kings"). The people intended to build the Gothic pilgrimage church of Sv. Treh Kraljev (2) lower on the hill than it is today, but legend says that overnight all the building materials appeared on the peak, from which there is a marvelous view in all directions.
Those who enjoy panoramic views of the Julian Alps and the Idrijsko-Cerkljansko hills can continue the tour to Idrija on the old provincial road through Medvedje Brdo over which wagons hauled mercury to Vrhnika centuries ago; otherwise, we drive through Medvedje Brdo and Godovič to the main Ljubljana-Idrija road. In Spodnja Idrija we take the Kanomlja road toward Vojsko and after thirty minutes we arrive below the edge of the Vojsko plateau where the Partisan Press of Slovenia (3) has hidden in the shelter of tall trees since 1944. This excellently equipped print shop is the most authentically preserved monument of the National Liberation Struggle in Slovenia. After the inspecting the print shop we visit Vojsko and enjoy a lunch of homemade food at one of its tourist farms.
After lunch we cross the Idrijca River and drive to the village of Ledine, where old-fashioned farm occupations are still preserved. If we visit the village at the right times, we can see the blossoming flax fields or watch the local people making linen in the traditional way. The village lies between mountain plateaus over which leads the Slovene Mountain Trail. We enjoy a walk through the nature and stop at the Pr' Jureč tourist farm, where among other things they will show us their collection of old farm machinery and tools. We continue our visit to the Cerkljansko region on the panoramic road passing or through the villages of Trebenče, Poče, and Gorje. We can turn to the village of Ravne pri Cerknem where the Ravenska jama cave amazes us with its unusual snow-white aragonite decorations and particularly with its world famous aragonite "hedgehogs."
Across the slopes of the 1300-meter high Mount Kojca we arrive at the village of Zakojca with its beautifully arranged birth house of the writer France Bevk (4), the author of an extensive opus of stories including the well-known "Kaplan Martin Čedermac"("Chaplain Martin Čedermac") and "Pastirci" ("The Herdsmen"). The homestead is a fine example of local farm architecture and also houses an ethnological exhibition.
On the road to Cerkno we stop in the village of Zakriž. We visit its famous church and the fruit-drying kiln where it is possible to purchase dried delicacies. On the surrounding farms the friendly people will offer us a taste of homemade brandy.
We end our day with dinner in Cerkno, where if we wish we can stay overnight and continue our journey to new adventures the following day.

(1) War Museum, Tržaška cesta 81A, Logatec (01/754-27-81); open Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, weekdays by prior arrangement
(2) Parish Office, Vrh Svetih Treh kraljev 7, Vrh Svetih Treh kraljev (01/750-10-09)
(3) Idrija City Museum, Prelovčeva ulica 9, Idrija (05/372-66-00)
Partisan Press of Slovenia
open April 15 - October 15 every day 9 - 14 and by prior arrangement, closed in winter due to difficult access (snow), visits possible by prior arrangement weather permitting
(4) Pri Flandru Farm, Zakojca 1, Cerkno (05/37798-00); or:
Cerkljansko Museum, Bevkova 12, Cerkno (05/372-31-80), by prior arrangement